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Fuck that other post.

2011-03-29 10:32:06 by kylexthexpostman

I did it.
It was stupid.
Sometimes dogs are brown.
I like pot, and pot accessories.
I'm so hoodrich.
Brian Goodrich.
You mad cause I'm sylin' on ya bitchass
Sometimes I color outside of the lines. I'm just a retard. HAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA STEAL THAT PETER GRIFFIN LINE LIKE A BUNCH OF COCKS. FUCK YOU.
I wear my underwear backwards if it doesn't have a tag.
If I was jellin' like a felon, you'd know.
Once Upon a Time... in Africa.
Latka ftw.
I misread your bio.
Who are you?
Wait, what?
Did you hear? Bird is the word... to describe an animal. Fuck yeah, buddy.
Goddamnit, I'm high -_-
Anywho, have you heard that song by Phil Collins, "In the Air of the Night"
about that guy who coulda saved that other guy from drowning
but didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him?
That's kinda how this is, but I masturbate everytime I hear it. It's fucking AWESOME
Do you guys like snorting pills?
Hey, I'm a hundred percent unamerican american canadian french russian AFRICAN (YAEYEE), hindu, and chianesa person evar.

I work night shift, what the fuck am I doing still awake?

Goodnight, pillow...

My Birthday (among other things) :D

2008-06-11 11:06:53 by kylexthexpostman

Yesterday was my birthday (June 10), WHOO HOO!
Sixteen now, bitches. ^-^
So st1k his girlfriend and I all went to the mall, and they surprised me with cake,
but not really because his girlfriend told me the surprise. I just pretended I didn't hear the whole hundred times they said anything, haha.
And then we got candles that said "Happy Birthday", and I wasn't supposed to know anything about that either but hey, shit happens. -_-
Anyways, they gave me one the best gifts I could've asked for but didn't, (which is awesome), and I had an amazing birthday with the two best people in the world.
What more could I ask for?

The professors, let's talk about them them for a second.
They're faggots, and they're fun, and they know how to have a good time.
Want to join? PM me or EvilJesus and ask us (Pm him, I really don't know what's going on).
Well give you details on how to become a professor.
(For more information on being a professor, visit EJ's profile)

I'm actually going to see how long I can get this before I get tired of looking at the same shit, so I've decided to take on the tedious task of making a list of all the users (in MY opinion) that are sexliciously cool and the ones that are ridiculously shitty. If you're not on the list there's a reason, or I just didn't remember that you still existed. Either way, don't ask to be on my list, that just shows ignorance and ignorance means you should be put in the shitty users section.

Cool people:
EvilJesus - He is my n word, we play xbox live together and we stick together like professors. He's probably one of the funnier users on the site, so treat him with shit loads of respect or I'll find out where you live and kill you.

Krum - Well, Krum is ... Krum is Krum, okay? Alright then.

Redcoin - You're a cutie patootie, yes you are.

Agustana - Is a girl, I had to put her on here to even things out. There's too much cock in my list. Also, she kewt lululmaolawlolol.

Lost-Chances - This guy is hilarious. I HAD to put him on here, even if I barely know him.


Stupid Fuckers:

deathslayer666- Just look at the name. Need I say more?


I finally got my DEITY whistle, bitches.
It took me such a long time but I finally did it.
As soon as I saw that I had it I ran through my house yelling "FUCK YES!".
I'm so happy, and tomorrow I level up!
This is going to be a great month. :D


Fuck man, I haven't updated this in forever.
Basically, I've been taking a break from computers and whatnot, I haven't even really been on to check my myspace either, so that's saying something.
I've mostly been chillin' on xbox live and shit.
I got a girlfriend now too, the love of my life :D.
I pretty much have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing lately and it's not at all sucking.
I changed my gamertag from kylethexpostman man to o IH E IR IB o too, so if you want to add me then go right ahead. But space is limited, and I usually delete new people within a week or two. So if I know you, go right ahead and send me a request with your usernames in a message of some sort and I'll add you.

My Birthday (among other things) :D


2008-04-29 16:27:06 by kylexthexpostman

I'm trying to join the kitty krew at mothafuggin'


Fun times, with people.

2008-01-22 15:15:37 by kylexthexpostman

To start off, the picture on the actual post is what I imagine Master Chief to look like. He's my friend David, and he sets the image of what Master Chief would look like with his helmet off (atleast in my opinion). I tell him that quite often.

But for my post, I had yet another fun time with a camera, and a bunch of people.
I thought since there's nothing better to do, I'd post more pictures.

The love<3

This one's my favorite, tell me wtf is goin' on, man? lolrape.

Fun times, with people.

It's snowing! :D

2008-01-17 10:33:06 by kylexthexpostman

Everyone in my area is flipping out because they neverr get to see snow. It's fucking hilarious.
I got some pics of the fun I had and thought I'd share with you!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 (Me in my sick ass hoody, better picture)

That's all, I got more, but they're nothing special.
fuck it, I love these pictures, leave'em a comment.

It's snowing! :D

Merry Christmas! :D

2007-12-24 11:36:57 by kylexthexpostman

Merry Christmas you guys, haven't got much to say, so I''ll just post gifts I asked for this year:

1. Dean ML-X Guitar (or something rather, picture's at the bottom of the post)
2. World of Warcraft Battle Chest (FUCK YEAH!, haha)
3. The Witcher Pc game (It looks fucking sick, I'm so stoked)
4. Random shit from the other side of the family .... duh duh dah doop, durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What's on your wishlist?

Guitar, it's not that exact one, it's a bit older, best picture I could find. :D

Merry Christmas! :D


2007-12-02 15:24:13 by kylexthexpostman

Dude, I look so goddamn real in this shit.

Also, THOOSIE again. :D


I ...

2007-11-05 18:55:27 by kylexthexpostman



I ...


2007-10-30 19:12:20 by kylexthexpostman

Dude, what the fuck? I can only post one of these on the front page every 30 days?? Why the hell would they do this to me?


Also, random image of my escapades at the mall with THOOSIE. >:{




I love that man. One of the funniest comedians alive. :]