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Entry #12

Fuck that other post.

2011-03-29 10:32:06 by kylexthexpostman

I did it.
It was stupid.
Sometimes dogs are brown.
I like pot, and pot accessories.
I'm so hoodrich.
Brian Goodrich.
You mad cause I'm sylin' on ya bitchass
Sometimes I color outside of the lines. I'm just a retard. HAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA STEAL THAT PETER GRIFFIN LINE LIKE A BUNCH OF COCKS. FUCK YOU.
I wear my underwear backwards if it doesn't have a tag.
If I was jellin' like a felon, you'd know.
Once Upon a Time... in Africa.
Latka ftw.
I misread your bio.
Who are you?
Wait, what?
Did you hear? Bird is the word... to describe an animal. Fuck yeah, buddy.
Goddamnit, I'm high -_-
Anywho, have you heard that song by Phil Collins, "In the Air of the Night"
about that guy who coulda saved that other guy from drowning
but didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him?
That's kinda how this is, but I masturbate everytime I hear it. It's fucking AWESOME
Do you guys like snorting pills?
Hey, I'm a hundred percent unamerican american canadian french russian AFRICAN (YAEYEE), hindu, and chianesa person evar.

I work night shift, what the fuck am I doing still awake?

Goodnight, pillow...


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2011-11-17 05:28:32

you were the biggest fag ever in my eyes in 2006